Monday, April 6, 2009


COL. Alex Albano will go down in history as the shortest-serving commander - 49 days to be exact - of the Army brigade assigned to Bohol based in Camp Rajah Sikatuna in Katipunan, Carmen town.

Not even warming his seat yet at the 802nd Brigade, Albano returns to the 801st Brigade in Hinabangan, Samar where he will assume as brigade commander this time.

Col. Alan Luga (inset picture), commander of the 1001st Brigade in Compostela Valley until his current assignment, takes over (Double click here for more information . . .)

Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga: 15 Famous Filipinos Every Foreign Resident Really Should Know About

by: John Miele

The Philippines, like every other country in the world, has had its’ share of heroes, notorious figures, and villains who changed history and determined the future course their country would take. The Philippines has a rich history, shaped by colonialism, revolution, dictatorship, and bravery that is completely unique and fascinating. Because it is a duty of foreigners to try and learn as much about the place in which they live (and it IS a duty), I have chosen the following 15 people that I feel are the most heroic, or notorious, in Philippine history who have shaped the country into what it is today. I am limiting this list to people who were born here, despite the obvious influences people like Magellan, Teddy Roosevelt, and Douglas MacArthur had on the country. I wanted to focus on heroes and those who have behaved heroically. There have been many people throughout Philippine history to whom the average Filipino can point to, with pride, and say “He was my fellow countryman”, and why just choosing 15 was tough (Click here to learn more . . . ).