Monday, May 25, 2009


Seventeen years old FRAULIN LUGA SAURO was chosen by the Silliman University to draw the comics caricatures of the characters in "Lando's Mirror": a World Bank project to entice the youth to get involve in monitoring government procurement system in our country on line.

Fraulin L. Sauro painted the comics characters in "Lando's Mirror" so that the youth can easily understand the Philippine procurement system and processes. The materials, were published during the first quarter of 2009 in three languages at 300 copies per dialect, namely: Visayan, Tagalog, English and were consolidated into CD Animation.

The project, which was supported by a civil society fund grant from World Bank (WB International Monetary Fund), is headed by SU Information Director, Mr. Raygan Garcia, Team Leader. The project encourages the youth to get involve in monitoring Transparency in Local Government Procurement.(Click here for more information . . .)