Thursday, June 25, 2009


Like Trisha, who we met in You Tube, na malaking pagsisisi niya daw sana kung sakaling nagpalit siya ng apelyedo (she is in the Middle East - Eh . . . Lolo niya pala si Fr. Angel! We hope she'll meet Luel Luga De Jesus in Mid-East) - Nathan, a PMMA Grad (89') and Michael Paul (PMMA 2000') were the voyagers of the sea. Michael Paul Luga is from Nueva Vizcaya. Michael has this words to say while cruising somewhere at L.A. sailing to Ecuador: "My grandfathers name is Juan D. Luga and his fathers name is Francisco Luga...maybe someone from your side knew Francisco...they came from Tumauini my grandfather relates it to me...well, i just wish i can write more but i wouldnt want to take much of your time...thanks for your message, i really appreciate it...Take care and Godbless!"